UPF Complete Overhaul Proposal

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UPF Complete Overhaul Proposal

Post by Huston on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:34 pm

The Spira galaxy is a proposed roleplay galaxy in place of the Milky Way. The divisions of the galaxy are defined instead by more political boundaries with planets and races that more closely resemble the political state of the region of space. With the use of this galaxy, it would overhaul the current way UPF roleplays and could even render the concept of the UPF as outdated or in any case, a part of a bigger role playing theme. Instead this forum could be more solely focused on RP, and interactions between worlds and their more disparate politlcal, military and economic and even cultural natures. The formation of alliances between worlds, establishment of greater galactic organizations and governments will also enhance the possibilities and not force one person to join a single union that can impede the potential for conflict. This essentially opens up an entirely free RP world that has your Race/Empire/Territories/Independent Planets interact with the number of other Race/Empire/Territories/Independent Planets in the greater Spira Galaxy.

This will also allow people to own more than one system and more than one habitable world, assuming the given region and its systems have a habitable world (let's not go crazy though cause you wouldn't be able to explore all that space all at once). You will be allowed to conquer unclaimed regions, dominate other empires, making this more strategical and more interesting along the way. To me, a single union seems a little bit to stagnant and boring so breaking it up and allowing for alliance instead to form along the way makes it more interesting, more interactive over all.

In short, it's a complete overhaul of the UPF. In any case though, if this is an accepted change, UPF could be a default Alliance faction as presented by the two regions defined as Outer and Inner Union Space (Default UPF space). This can mean that members applying for this forum can choose between joining the UPF Union or starting out independent and allowing them to interact with other players in the forum.

You might also recognize the layout and setting of the galaxy from somewhere. If you have, good for you Razz

The regions of the galaxy and their statuses are as followed:

Insanis Space
Insanis Space is a region mostly made up of disparate Empires, independent rogue worlds and species that do not desire to take part in any long-term alliances and participation in unions such as the default UPF Union. The characteristics of this region is primarily anarchistic. These worlds and their territories or empires are mostly Independent and are not a part of the UPF but interact with other planetary or system entities in regards to economic and military agendas.Any existing laws are limited to an entities or planet's system and/or their territories. Beyond these areas are lawless space.

Pax Systems
The Pax Systems is a region of space similar to Insanis Space, containing worlds and their territories and such empires that are not recognized members of the default UPF Union. During times of conflict, most entities in this region remain under a neutral stance, but conflict can still arise in a vastly unexplored region. Any existing laws are limited to an the entities or planet's system and/or their territories. Beyond these areas are lawless space.

Inner & Outer Union Space
The Inner and Outer Union Space regions are areas where the authority of the UPF remain largely recognized and contain worlds with membership or affiliation with the UPF. Other entities that recognize UPF authority can be found in other regions of space, but many are primarily concentrated within this region. Any enforced Union laws strictly apply in this region.

The Outlands
Outland Space is an area like the Pax and Insanis systems comprised of indepdenent worlds and territories and empires. Planets and entities here may recognized Union authorities and maintain a membership, but many remain independent and out of Union politics only to interact with other worlds on their own terms. Any existing laws are limited to an entities or planet's system and/or their territories. Beyond these areas are lawless space.

Frontier Systems
The Frontier Systems is a region of space similar to the Outlands, Pax and Insanis systems. Their characteristics also apply to this region except for its mostly close affiliation and interests posed by the UPF and its member systems in terms of colonization and territorial expansion as the systems in the Frontier remain mostly unexplored and unclaimed with the exception for its already established and developed worlds.

This idea still needs refining and some sanding along some of its rough edges, but this idea is something I only decided to propose at a very late night where I'm rather tired. But in any case, it still holds merit and potential to make RP in this forum interesting.

Post your opinions about it. (if there are still any active users)

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