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Feyvil | Disaster!

Post by Daniel on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:37 pm

Although Lord Hako said to himself that he would leave for Melikan the next day, he knew that in actuality, he'd have to delay his trip for a couple of weeks, as there were still quite a few things to be done to prepare for his departure, as well as other things that would require his presence.

The annual harvest was fast coming up, and it would require everyone's help to gather in the crops before the rainy season hit; furthermore, the weather satellites were predicting this to be an exceptionally big rainy season, so speed was of the utmost importance; otherwise, the crops could be lost.

There were also some things that would need his ceremonial presence, such as the dedication of the new second level for the village. This thing he might have been able to pass on to the interim Lord to take care of while he was gone, but that would mean that he would have had to leave quite a bit earlier in the year, long before the harvest.

Only a few days were left until the harvest could begin, and the preparations were already commencing, when suddenly, almost without warning, the rainy season suddenly broke upon them! Not even the weather satellites were able to predict it! The storm lasted for days, and during this time, the bouneyes were all cooped up in their tunnels, desperately hoping that their crops would survive the storm.

The storm raged on for days, and kept on pouring harder and harder. Only the oldest of the old bunnies in the village could remember the last time the rains were pouring this hard. Weather satellites had advanced a lot since the last time this occurred, and everyone was sure that this time, the satellites would be able to predict it. Now, they were all proven wrong. When the storm finally abated, the bouneyes whose homes hadn't caved in to various extents during the storm all rushed outside to assess the damage. They were dismayed at what they saw.

Most of their lettuces were washed away or badly damaged during the storm, and the lake had overflowed immensely, destroying a good deal of their corn crop, which had already taken a bad beating from the torrential rains.

Some bunnies were unlucky enough to be on the bridge when the storm hit, and they were now trapped in the bridge-towers. It would take a long time to rescue them, as all of the boats were badly damaged or had sunk to the bottom of the lake.

The pier was the least lucky of the structures damaged by the storm, as it was now at the bottom of the lake, about to fall apart any second. This was partly helped by the hoverboat blowing up as rainwater slowly seeped into vital places over the course of the past several days and collected there, eventually short-circuting the electronics and igniting the hydrogen fuel cells.

Fortunately for the village, their alekzapi tree was unfazed by the storm, thanks to the shield generator that had been installed a few months earlier, designed to block out liquid water. (Alekzapi trees are a type of Boneilan plant that generates electricity, and so are often used to power small villages. Liquid water is highly toxic for the plant, and so are rarely found in wet areas, as only the roots are resistant to liquid water.)

As most of the other towns and villages in the Northern Hills had also been affected, to varying degrees, by the storm, a Council of the Parintalia was called. This would be the first Council of the Parintalia in over 100 years, and the first in living memory (as the average Bouneye lives to only around 120 Earth-years). A Council of the Parintalia is a meeting between the Elderbunnies from the towns of the Northern Hills. It happens only rarely, as the Elderbunnies see no need to assemble unless there is a very important reason for it.

As the triple suns set and several of the dozens of moons rose in the night sky, the Elderbunnies from the various towns ascended the steep path to the Glade of the Parintalia, where the 25 Parintalia trees represent the 25 cities, towns, and villages of the Northern Hills.

Finally, they all reached the Glade. It took some time for them all to find comfortable seating, as each of the settlements sent their 5 most prominent Elderbunnies in addition to their Lords, which added up to 150 Parintalians in the Glade. Finally, Hako took the lead.

Lord Hako: Stop the sniffing! I am Lord Hako of Feyvil. Let us commence the Council.

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