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Deopk general info

Post by yoda bot on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:25 am

General Information:

Planet name: Deopk
Moons: 2 (Tammor;Fallids)
Dominant race: Vinus
Population: 4,2 Billions
Civilizations: 2 (Ziops;Tiopks)
Religion: Ziotism

Geographical Information’s:

Average temperature: -4ºC (24.8 F)
Water: 44%
Continents: 56%
vegetation: undergrowth and small trees and shrubs
Stelar System: Caoll
Number of planets: 6

Politcs Information:

Senator: Ladnakar Dxiab
Currency: Eop (E$) 1 Eop = 300 U$
Capital: Hannar
Major companies: DST (Deopk Spacial Transports) ; Benshur Mining
Spoken languages: Vinyres and Ziocan

Planet Image:

Planet Flag:

Planet Map: (the red point is the localization of da Capital, Hannar)

Geographic Features:

There are about 6 billion years Deopk was a big ball of incandescent magma, with two times the size of earth, and that distanced of the Caoll star. As got farther from the star its temperature decreased, coming large surfaces of solidified magma.

When most of the planet was already solidified, about 4.5 billion years ago, a large comet crashed into the planet, causing a massive cataclysm. The comet was carrying a large amount of ice crystals and a mineral called oraccine. On impact, happened the appearance of the tectonic plates, in addition to a dense atmosphere composed of water vapor, sulfur and nitrogen.

Over the years, large seas began to emerge, but with a special peculiarity: the water should freeze at low temperatures on the planet, but the presence of salts of oraccine gave a special property the water, which freezes below 30° C. From there, small unicellular life forms started to emerge and evolve, to take account of the vast surface of the planet.

Brief History:

The Vinus had their evolution from amphibians. Initially they lived in small groups along the coast of the planet due to their total dependence on water. Over time they began to lose that bond with the water, and developed the capacity to carry water wherever they went. This contributed to large populations of Vinus migrate to the interior of the continent, spreading the breed for various parts of the planet.

Currently Vinus has an advanced technological knowledge, and colonized other planets of your system, and they have spaceships able to perform intergalactic journeys through jumps on the hyperspace. In deopk there are two civilizations coexisting peacefully: The tiopk, the largest and most influential, and Ziops, which is essentially religious and more reserved. The intergalactic questions involving the planet are under the responsibility of Tiopk.

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