How to get good images of planets

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How to get good images of planets

Post by yoda bot on Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:30 pm

you are creating a planet, and time to place the images you think: oh my god, where I'll get pictures to suit my planet?
then also this thought while creating my planet, and found an optimal solution to this problem:
use google images to get beautiful pictures! Surprised

some tips at the time of your search:

Arrow using search terms such as "exoplanets", you will certainly find a lot of interesting images.

Arrow We also use the search term "sci-fi planets", you will find several pictures of beautiful worlds

Arrow search also in some Wikia, like Star Wars Wikia, Star Trek Wikia, Battlestar Galactica Wikia, among others. There always many good images.

these are some ways to find good images, but surely there are others that you may find it more convinient. I hope I have helped! Very Happy

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